On-line resources and information phone lines

HIV and Hepatitis C Specialized Support Team: Prince George

Phone Toll Free 1(888) 645-6495

Fax Toll Free 1(844) 440-4454

Northern Health-HIV and Hepatitis C Specialized Support Team

Phone: 1-888-645-6495, Fax: 1-844-440-4454

Pharmacist (Jennifer Hawkes), Social Worker (Brenda MacDougald)

B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

Treatment Program Information Line:

Phone: 604-806-8515

Fax: 604-806-9044

Anti-retroviral profile histories, treatment requests

REACH Line (HIV): 1-800-665-7677 or RACE Line (HIV/HCV): 1-877-696-2131

24/7 Hotline (REACH) and M-F 8-5 (RACE) – Treatment and management advice for physicians/NPs (REACH & RACE), pharmacists and nurses (REACH)

24-Hour St. Paul’s Ambulatory Pharmacy Hotline: 1-888-511-6222

Anti-retroviral dispensing histories, drug information, post-exposure information Clinical Outreach Pharmacist 1-855-406-8539

B.C. Provincial Laboratory Services (BC-CDC): 1-877-747-2522

Lab results (HIV Ab, HCV Ab, CD4, HIV Viral loads, HCV genotypes, HCV RNA)

BC Women’s- Oak Tree Clinic:

Phone 604-875-2212, Fax 604-875-3063

Women, children, pregnancy/pregnancy planning

AIDS Service

Organizations to provide support, educations and advocacy to people living with HIV/AIDS/HCV

Positive Living North & Positive Living BC – 1-888-438-2437 (Prince George),

1-866-877-0042 (Smithers), 1-800-994-2437 (BC)

Online resources

BC-Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS– www.cfenet.ubc.ca/therapeutic-guidelines

Harm Reduction information – www.towardtheheart.com

Northern Health HIV informational website – www.HIV101.ca

HIV and Hep C information, free pamphlets–www.catie.ca–1-800-263-1638

Domestic Abuse